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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Enjoy Google Plus Circles on Facebook

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After announcement of Google+ vast of Facebook user full move to Google Plus even importing all Facebook Contacts & Photos to G+. So that's why Facebook get shock and win competition in Social media Facebook announce about In browser video chat like Google Plus Hangout feature within one week due date. According to me then also many of the Google+ user will not come back to Facebook because of Google+ Circles.

How to Disable Google+ Email Notification ?

Google Plus notification, disable google + notification, G+ notification disable

Now mostly all of people now aware with Google+ and what is it. After getting invitation of Google+ from your friend you also send invitation to most of other friends. Many of also import Facebook contacts to Google+ and fully move to Google+ to connect with their friends daily.

After adding these much contacts of your friends in Google+ get's daily lot's of update and notification about your post. Google forward to these much notification on your email and you get annoy by it, then take a look to this tutorial for disable Google Plus not required email notifications.

Enjoy Music with Tata Docomo Endless Music Service !

Music is way which relax , enjoy and dance us. Have you ever think world without music ? It's very hard to live without music. And for that Tata Docomo India's largest mobile network provider company comes with Endless Music Service powered by Bollywood Hungama for their all customers. By using which user enjoy and get relax any time and anywhere. Docomo launch this product for all but it really become very helpful to music lover who will now get favorite music beat at anyplace.

Tata Docomo Endless Music Service, Music With Docomo, Tata Music Service

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Get a Vanity URL for your Google+ (Google Plus)

Google+ which is recently launched Google Social Product for compete with Facebook. Most of the facebook users are aware with Facebook Username for page and profile page which is also known as Vanity URL in technical form is not been integrated by Google in Google+ profile. After all hearing too many complaints against Google+ Username and Google+ Small Business Pages same as Facebook Pages , I take some time for research on that and got two ways to have a username for Google+ which you can tell to your friends and your friends easily remember that.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to Import Facebook Photos to Google+ ?

Import facebook photos to Google+, Import FB photos to Goole+, How to Import Facebook photos to Google+
After getting Google+ profile you import facebook contact and now turn for all photos which are in Facebook Photos. Mostly many facebook users want to transfer to Google+ and that's why importing all of Facebook data to Google+. So here is the way how to import your facebook photos to Google+ easily within just 4-5 clicks.

How to add Google+ Profile Buttons in Blog or Website

Google+ is recently new social networking website and many bloggers and site owner wants to drive more traffic from G+ . Best way for get more visitors from Google+ to integrate Google+ profile button in you (Wordpress or Blogger) blog or website. Just Google provides easy way to generate Google+ profile button for blog or website. Using it you can just add Google+ profile button in your website withing 2-3 minutes by just copy pasting small code provided by Google.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Use or Enable Gmail New Look 2011 in Your Gmail

Recently Google launched to many apps such as Google+ a networking website , What do you Love ( and many more with that Google also changes the design with new black navigation bar. And with all that Google also reveled new look for Gmail in year 2011. Many of friends thinking of how to enable Gmail 2011 new look in their Gmail . Many of you also thinks for use or enable Gmail new look then need invitation from others ? So I tell you for use it you no need of any invitation it's available for all Gmail accounts, and you guys also at right place who don't know "How to enable or use Gmail New Look 2011 ?"
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